Elangomat Program

Remember when you took your Ordeal and along with your group was a brother who was already an Order of the Arrow member? That OA member was there to help you through the Ordeal, he/she was called an Elangomat.

Elangomat is the Lenni Lenape word meaning friend. As an Elangomat you’ll be responsible for a “clan” of 8-10 candidates whom you’ll work with during their Ordeal. You will spend most of the day with your clan, eating the same food, doing the same work, and setting an example of brotherhood, cheerfulness, and service, which the candidates learn through you.

Because of the influence you’ll have in motivating the quality of your new brothers, your service as an Elangomat is one of the most important and rewarding things you can do in the lodge.

The Spirit of an Elangomat

The Elangomat is willing to sacrifice himself in order to preside over his clan. His job is to act as Allowat Sakima in observing the candidates throughout the Ordeal.  If you embody the spirit of the Ordeal, the candidates will follow your example and act accordingly.  The more you keep the spirit of the Ordeal with you, the more powerful and meaningful the Ordeal will be for the candidates.

Responsibilities of an Elangomat

  • Honestly try to bring the candidates understanding of the spirit of the Order of the Arrow
  • Take the initiative in performing service and accomplishing tasks.
  • Be a continual example of the spirit of the Order.
  • Ensure that the candidates fully follow the challenges of the Ordeal.
  • Make the candidates feel they are part of the Order and work with them until they achieve Brotherhood.

The Elangomat Promise

I, do hereby promise, on my honor as a member of the Brotherhood of Cheerful Service, to remain true to the ties of the Elangomat; to exemplify and endure the tests of the Ordeal, that those who are to join in our brotherhood may gain greater understanding of our purpose; to be a constant example of cheerful service and brotherhood; and to strive with all my power to help them see the Arrow.

What do I get for being an Elangomat?

The opportunity to help new members through the Ordeal is the best reward that you can get but Monaken Lodge understands there are some challenges so the Lodge has added that your Ordeal weekend fees are waived for the weekend and your event participation patch cost are waived as well.

What could be better than that?

So sign up today by visiting www.registration.monaken.org or contacting the Council Office at (717) 667-9236

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