Executive Board

Chief - Evan Graves

1st Vice Chief - Ross Cottrill

2nd Vice Chief - Ian Shoemaker

Treasurer - Joe Barnish

Secretary - Luke Fogleman

Appointed Lodge Adviser - Ed Smoyer

Lodge Staff Adviser – Brennan Malenovitch

Associate Lodge Adviser – Paul Grego

Immediate Past Chief - Nate Ripka

For the lodge to achieve its camping promotion and cheerful service objectives, a number of operating committees must be organized to implement its programs. Committee chairmen are appointed by the Lodge Chief with the approval of the Lodge Adviser. They become members of the Executive Committee and may pick their own committee members. While each operating committee should have one or more adult committee advisers to guide the committee's work. They are appointed annually by the Lodge Adviser. It is the adviser's job to provide information, instruction, and coaching for the committee members. If you are interested in joining a committee or learning more about a committee, please contact the chairman of the committee to find out more.

Committee Chairman and Advisers

Elangomat - Nathan Long and Dan Swarm

Brotherhood - Brady Lehman and Don Walters, Sr.

Ceremonies - Keegan Dean

Vigil - Nate Ripka and Mark Engle

Conclave - Nathan Long, Brady Lehman, and Tom McClain

Troop Relations - Tim Kohler

Cub Scout Relations - Dylan Zink and Shawn Lehman

Fundraising -

Camp Promotions - Luke Fogleman and Jon Chester

Membership - Hayden Davidson

Service - Zeb Smoyer, Mike Kemp, and Dale Somers

Information Technology - Hayden Davidson and Jon Cherry

NOAC - Robert Lalli, Jr.

Food Service - David Barone and Matt Coll

Native American Heritage - Tom McClain

Publications -

Nittany Chapter

Chief - Jack Swarm

Vice Chief - Jeff Fry

Elected Adviser - Mike Waite

Appointed Adviser - Brenda Harrison

Oneida Chapter

Chief - Ryan Bennett

Vice Chief - Jacob Smithmyer

Elected Adviser - Robert Lalli, Jr.

Appointed Adviser - Frank Barnish, III

Shawnee Chapter

Chief - Trace Gullick

Vice Chief - Seth Armstrong

Elected Adviser - Russell Berrier

Appointed Adviser - Bud Fogleman

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