The Lodge Executive Board is the steering committee of Monaken Lodge. It carries on the business of the lodge, coordinating the work being done by the officers and committees. It meets during each lodge weekend and on an as-needed basis when called by the Lodge Chief.

The Executive Board of Monaken Lodge is comprised of the following individuals:

  • Lodge Officers
  • Committee Chairmen
  • Chapter Chief and Vice Chief
  • Lodge Adviser
  • Committee Advisers
  • Chapter Advisers

* The Lodge Chief is the chairman and presides over meetings.

The term of each member of the Executive Board is for one year from October 1 through September 30. The Lodge Officers and Chapter Officers are elected by their peers at the Fall Ordeal each August and the committee chairmen and advisers are appointed thereafter.

To transition leadership, at the end of September or early October, the incoming Executive Board goes through a weekend training and planning session called the Lodge Leadership Development Conference (LLDC). This two-day event is to help outline the plans and goals which the board wishes to accomplish for the upcoming year and to train the incoming board members on various topics.

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Key 3

Throughout the lodge’s history, the lodge was led by a chief and adviser(s). In the lodge’s early years, the chief was not a youth member. It wasn’t until later on in the lodge’s history, that the chief was a youth member.

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