Brotherhood Requirements

If so, you are able to seal your membership in the Order of the Arrow by taking your Brotherhood at the next Ordeal weekend.

In order to obtain the Brotherhood Honor, an Ordeal member must complete the following requirements:

  • Memorize the Obligation, the Admonition, and the Song of the Ordeal (all of which can be found in your Order of the Arrow Handbook)
  • Have the Ordeal membership for a period of at least ten (10) months
  • Write a letter to the Brotherhood Committee that explains what you think the Obligation means to you and also how becoming a Brotherhood member will help you help the Lodge. (This letter doesn’t have to be long, just close to a page in length [bring this letter to the Ordeal])
  • Carve a walking stick that is a minimum of three feet in length. Carve on the stick: your name, “WWW,” and “Monaken 103” on it. (Be sure to bring this along to the Ordeal.)
  • Complete the Brotherhood hike as well as the Brotherhood ceremony at the Ordeal. (This will be completed at the Ordeal.) o Have current dues paid If you have any questions about taking the Brotherhood Ordeal, please contact the Brotherhood Chairman, Adviser, or Lodge Second vice Chief. Interested in helping with the Brotherhood Hike? The Brotherhood Committee is actively looking for Brotherhood or Vigil members to help out Friday evenings at each Ordeal with the Brotherhood Hike.

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