Pow Wow Participant Reminder

Spring Mills, Pa — With the Aquanuschioni Native American Pow Wow occurring this weekend (September 27-29) at Seven Mountains Scout Camp, there is expected to be hundreds of participants and volunteers who will participant in a wide variety of programs offered throughout the day Saturday.

We have provided a few tips and notes for all guests and volunteers.

For Participants

Medical Waiver/Information Form

    1. Participants must have completed the BSA Annual Health and Medical Form (Parts A & B). Scout leaders will be able to keep them with them in the camp sites
    2. General public will need to complete a general information from when they arrive

Scout leaders will need to provide a roster with two emergency contact numbers

When you arrive at camp, a volunteer will be on hand to greet you in the parking lot and direct you. Registration will begin at 5:00pm in the Dining Hall and will be open all weekend long.

Friday evening crackerbarrel will start after 8:00pm in the Dining Hall.

For the Saturday evening Pow Wow, guests are encouraged to bring lawn chairs or blankets to sit on.

For our Volunteers

Medical form guidelines apply for all volunteers, Scouts must have completed Parts A & B of the BSA Annual Health and Medical Form  (please see the note above)

Upon your arrival to camp, please proceed directly to the Dining Hall for registration and assignments. Lodging is provided in Rimmey Lodge for the weekend.

If you have any questions, please contact Dave Counsil at the Council Office at (717) 667-9236 or Bill Weaver at standinten@aol.com.

Follow us on the web throughout the weekend on Facebook by clicking here, Twitter by clicking here using #APW2013, we’ll be posting pictures and updates throughout the day and invite you to share your Pow Wow experience too.

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