Monaken Lodge holds a number of events including Ordeals and fellowship weekends. In addition to the lodge specific events, there are Section, Regional, and National events in which our members can participate in.


This is the Lodge’s fun weekend where brothers can come be a part of  training, games, activities, and a whole lot more!


Weekend where the three different chapters Nittany, Shawnee, and Oneida compete  with each other to show who has the most spirit. Brothers participate in games and activities throughout the weekend.


The Lodge hosts three Ordeals each year. The Spring Ordeal in May-June; the Fall Ordeal in August; and the Woodchuck Ordeal in October.

Candidates for the Order of the Arrow can take their Ordeal and Ordeal members who have been Ordeal for 10 months are encouraged to take their Brotherhood at the Ordeal as well.

The Lodge takes nominations for both lodge and chapter officer positions as well as the Founder's Award at the Spring Ordeal. At the Fall Ordeal, members vote on both.


The Section Conclave is an unique experience for all participants. Arrowmen will have the opportunity to meet scouts from across the section and forge new friendships. Arrowmen will also have the opportunity to sit in on training and workshops taught by highly skilled and knowledgeable presenters. In addition, recreation opportunities, patch trading, and campfire programs will be held throughout the weekend.


The Pow Wow consists of:

  • Native American Pow Wow
  • Several sessions of activities
  • Guest speaker and professional drum
  • Leathworking, dance and drum, bead working, looming, boating, and more

The Order of the Arrow has included many Native American styles and dance into the program. Such national events that the Order of the Arrow has hosted included Indian Summer and Pow Wow’s at Section Conclaves and NOACs. Locally, Monaken Lodge has previously hosted Aquanuschioni Pow Wow’s with the last one being in 2016. There participants got to experience an unique program including Native American dance, beading, and games.

This event is open to all Scouts, Scouters, and members of the public. Weekend camping opportunities are available for participants as well as day passes will be made available.


This weekend training will train the incoming board on all topics ranging from Lodge Governance to the budget to planning Lodge/Committee/Chapter goals. All members of the Executive Board are highly encouraged to attend including Chapter Secretaries and Treasurers.


Lodge members and their families are invited to attend the Family Banquet. This banquet is rotated each year throughout of each of the chapters. During the event, the Lodge will announce the two recipients of the Founder’s Award.

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