2018 Unit of Excellence Award Recipients Announced

Reedsville, Pa — Monaken Lodge would like to recognize the following units, scouts, and advisers who have earned the Order of the Arrow’s Unit of Excellence award.

The award recognizes units and leaders that excel at promoting the culture of the Order of the Arrow in their unit. Individuals selected for the award have shown excellence in leadership, participation, and have held elections in their units where 100 percent of elected scouts completed their Ordeal.

2018 Order Of Arrow Unit of Excellence Award Recipients:

  • Troop 24
  • Troop 28
  • Troop 45
  • Troop 71
  • Troop 106
  • Troop 124
  • Troop 204
  • Troop 375
2018 OA Representative of Excellence Recipients:
  • Caleb Cain
  • Noah Klatt-Willy
  • Zane Sheaffer
  • Nathaniel McClain
  • Joseph Barnish
  • Connor Clark
  • Gavin Taylor
  • Trace Gulick
  • Brady Lehman
2018 OA Rep Adviser of Excellence
  • Greg Cain
  • Jim Staph
  • Tim Foltz
2018 OA Scoutmaster of Excellence Award
  • John Lehman

Congratulations to those scouts, scouters, and troops who have completed the requirements so far and for their service to the Order of the Arrow.

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