Another great year at Conclave!

      Monaken lodge was well represented with 50 members at the event, and though we were the second smallest contingent, we were definitely the loudest. Knowing that much of your contingent lost their voices from yelling by noon Saturday is a good feeling, especially when one of those people was Paul Grego. Seeing Paul go around with our group singing our lodge cheer was a weekend highlight. Another highlight was being able to pie Matt Coll in the face. Our ceremonies team placed 3rd in the ceremonies competition, and the drum expo as well as training cells were a huge success. I would like to thank my ceremonies team (Ryan McKay, Chris Barnish, Colton Fogleman, and myself) for the hard work and practice that they spent to prepare for the competition and to bring home the bronze medal. Another thanks goes to Michael Cavanaugh for rounding up player to compete in the sports activities, in which we placed 1st in dodge ball.

Drivers, thank you for your willingness to take guys out, I couldn’t have done this event without you. Bud Barnish, thank you for your help this year and for being my advisor. Lastly, thank you to Jon Cherry and Jef Nelson for running ut training cells. Overall, it was a great weekend spent with fellowship, brotherhood, and patches. I cannot wait for Conclave 2013. While talking about Conclave 2013, I am looking for a replacement to take over the Conclave Chairman position. I am finishing up my second year in this position, and I feel that it is time that I step up and serve the lodge in an elected position. If you are interested in becoming the Conclave chairman send me an email or see me at the next event and I’ll work with you to help you on your way. Thank you to everyone who came out to support our lodge; I think we accomplished our goal of proving to everyone that we are the best lodge in the Section. Who’s Rockin’…MONAKEN!

Jonathon Chester

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