Four Selected for the Vigil Honor

Spring Mills, PA – Four members of Monaken Lodge were selected to become Vigil Honor members at a call out ceremony held Friday night at Seven Mountains Scout Camp.

The four selected were: Ian Shoemaker, Ross Cottrill, William Price, and Jack T. Port.

The Vigil Honor is the Order of the Arrow’s highest honor that can be bestowed upon a member. To be eligible for the Vigil Honor, a member must be a registered Scouter and in good standing with the lodge. The member must have been a Brotherhood member for a minimum of two years prior to eligibility.

Candidates for the Vigil are selected by their peers in the Order of the Arrow. The Vigil Ordeal will take place at the Fall Ordeal in August.

More on the Vigil Honor can be found on the Order of the Arrow’s website.

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