New Member Quick Start Guide

I just got into the OA...What Now?

Getting involved in the Order of the Arrow might seem like one of the hardest things to do. But Monaken Lodge offers plenty of opportunities for both youth and adults.

For Youth

Joining a Committee - The Lodge offers plenty of committees that youth are able to join. From ceremonies, dance and drum, cook, service, and IT and publications there is something each youth can do. Check the the committee pages under the Executive Board or contact a Lodge Officer for more information.

Run for Chapter or Lodge Office - This is one of the greatest opportunities for Lodge Members. All youth who will be under the age of 21 from October 1 - September 30 are eligible to run. The youth in the Lodge vote at each Fall Ordeal for the incoming Officers and people can be nominated at all Open Lodge meetings starting at the Spring Ordeal until Fall Ordeal. The following postions are voted upon: Chapter: *Chief, *vice Chief, Secretary, and Treasurer. Lodge: *Chief, *1st Vice Chief, *2nd Vice Chief, *Secretary, and *Treasurer. The Lodge is run by the youth.

* Serves on Lodge Executive Board

Come out to the Next Weekend: The Lodge and Chapters offer a great program each and every year. You might not have had a good time at your Ordeal but as the old saying is: "it only gets better" and thats exactly what its like in the Lodge. Come out to the next weekend and you'll have a good time.

For Adults

Joining a Committee - Adults in the Lodge can serve as Advisers in the Lodge. They can help out with ceremonies, dance and drum, service, and so much. Contact the Lodge Advisers or Committee Advisers for more information.

Come out to the Next Weekend: The Lodge and Chapters offer a great program each and every year. You might not have had a good time at your Ordeal but as the old saying is: "it only gets better" and thats exactly what its like in the Lodge. Come out to the next weekend and you'll have a good time.

These are just some of the basic things that Lodge members can be a part of. There is a whole lot of things the people can do, so contact a member of the Lodge Executive Board, Officer, or Adviser to get more information. And don't forget, come out to the next Lodge Weekend.

Check out the JumpStart! OA website which provides valuable information for Arrowmen.

Your completion of the Ordeal sets you on the path of an exciting adventure. After 6 months of service to your unit and fulfilling certain requirements, you will be able to seal  your membership in the OA by taking part in the Brotherhood ordeal. Brotherhood membership marks the completion of your induction into the Order of the Arrow. Monaken Lodge is pleased to announce that YOU are eligible for Brotherhood membership within the lodge. You must meet five challenges before you can enter the Circle of the Brotherhood. These challenges are meant to strengthen your understanding of the Order as well as prepare you for the journey ahead. The first of the challenges is already completed:

In preparation for your Brotherhood Ordeal

  • You have remained active in your troop and lodge for at least 10 months (just be sure you keep your dues paid:  that is the fourth challenge)
  • Second, you need to learn and memorize the Obligation, Song, hand shake, Admonition, and Sign of the Ordeal. (These can be found in your Order of the Arrow handbook or at
  • The third task is to grow in understanding of the Ordeal, the signs and symbols brought to you during your ordeal experience. This information can also be found in your handbook or at the above website.
  • Write a one-page letter to the Brotherhood chairman explaining how you have used your Ordeal to grow as a leader, what it means to you, and how you plan to use your Brotherhood membership to not only strengthen the lodge, but also yourself.
  • Carve a 3 foot walking stick. About 12 inches from the end, carve a notch so the stick can be broken. In this 1 foot section carve words like “WWW”, “OA”, “103”, “Monaken” or even the Brotherhood arrow
  • If taking your brotherhood you will need to be checked in at camp by 6:30PM to finish preparing to take your ordeal.

Be sure to write the letter and carve a walking stick prior to the Ordeal. It is not recommended that you do both at the Ordeal This list may seem daunting at first, but when broken down into smaller parts, you’ll find it’s quite manageable. If you need any help along the way feel free to contact any lodge officer or your troop Order of the Arrow Representative.
Remember when you took your Ordeal and along with your group was a brother who was already an Order of the Arrow member? That OA member was there to help you through the Ordeal, he/she was called an Elangomat.

Elangomat is the Lenni Lenape word meaning friend. As an Elangomat you’ll be responsible for a “clan” of 8-10 candidates whom you’ll work with during their Ordeal. You will spend most of the day with your clan, eating the same food, doing the same work, and setting an example of brotherhood, cheerfulness, and service, which the candidates learn through you.

Because of the influence you’ll have in motivating the quality of your new brothers, your service as an Elangomat is one of the most important and rewarding things you can do in the lodge.

The Spirit of an Elangomat

The elangomat is willing to sacrifice himself in order to preside over his clan. His job is to act as Allowat Sakima in observing the candidates throughout the Ordeal.  If you embody the spirit of the Ordeal, the candidates will follow your example and act accordingly.  The more you keep the spirit of the Ordeal with you, the more powerful and meaningful the Ordeal will be for the candidates.

Responsibilities of an Elangomat
  • Honestly try to bring the candidates understanding of the spirit of the Order of the Arrow
  • Take the initiative in performing service and accomplishing tasks.
  • Be a continual example of the spirit of the Order.
  • Ensure that the candidates fully follow the challenges of the Ordeal.
  • Make the candidates feel they are part of the Order and work with them until they achieve Brotherhood.

The Elangomat Promise

I, do hereby promise, on my honor as a member of the Brotherhood of Cheerful Service, to remain true to the ties of the Elangomat; to exemplify and endure the tests of the Ordeal, that those who are to join in our brotherhood may gain greater understanding of our purpose; to be a constant example of cheerful service and brotherhood; and to strive with all my power to help them see the Arrow.
What do I get for being an Elangomat?

The opportunity to help new members through the Ordeal is the best reward that you can get but Monaken Lodge understands there are some challenges so the Lodge has added that your Ordeal weekend fees are waived for the weekend and your event participation patch cost are waived as well.

What could be better than that?

So sign up today by visiting or contacting the Council Office at (717) 667-9236
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